So viele kluge Köpfchen, aber kaum System.

Anne engagiert sich dafür, dass Bildung besser wird.

Donate to EA Organizations from Germany

  • Your donation will be securely processed by

  • You can receive a tax deduction in Germany for your donation, even for donations to organizations located in other countries. Donors from Switzerland please visit this site.

  • If you choose „Fonds für maximale Wirkung“, we will transfer your donation to the organizations within the selected cause area that have the greatest need for funding at the time of transfer.

  • provides donation consultations. Should you have any questions about the donation process or to which organization you should donate, reach out at

Deine Spende


You are also welcome to transfer your donation via bank transfer. To do so just choose "Überweisung" as a payment option.

If you choose "Auswahl durch", we will forward 100% of your donation to the organizations with the greatest current need for funding. Of course, only in the cause area you've selected.

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